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Glass Block installation in Fort Collins, ColoradoOne of the services we offer our customers at Tile Art is glass block installation. We install glass block as aesthetic, exterior window, or structural wall applications.

Glass blocks are available in several different sizes, styles, and even colors. The basic glass blocks are 8″ X 8″ but are available in several different sizes to accommodate nearly any opening size for exterior or interior windows or nearly any size or shape of structural wall you need built. With different sizes and shapes of block we can also create just about any shape you need, rounded or square.

The textures and look of glass block come in many different styles. From a simple, clear glass to a highly textured and colored glass we can find a style that matches your look.

We can also place any color of grout, not just the white which is so common, in your installation. We can install grout to match the tile in your shower or a completely different color to highlight and enhance your block. The block’s grid lines (grout lines) can also be filled with clear silicone for a completely clear looking glass installation.

If you need glass block tile installation in Fort Collins, or anywhere in Northern Colorado, just give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can discuss all the possibilities. Make your installation stand out with a custom glass block installation!

You may click on any of the photos below for a full-size version of some of our most recent glass installations.

This special has ended. You can view our current glass tile backsplash promotion here: Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tile Special


Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? How about a glass kitchen backsplash? You can purchase a complete kitchen backsplash as a gift and we will schedule the installation at the recipient’s convenience.

Our glass backsplash installations begin at just $649. That price includes complete installation as well as a choice of 17 different styles and colors of glass tile (The photo to the left is one of these tiles). These our just our basic choices of glass tile – you can choose from any style or type of glass you would like.

If you would like to give someone a gift that they will use every day, increases the property value, brightens the entire look of a kitchen and is completely unique, consider giving a glass tile kitchen backsplash installation.

How it works

When you decide to give the gift of glass for the holidays just give us a call. All we need to know is the approximate length of the countertops we will be installing the backsplash over. We do not need exact figures at this time – it would ruin the surprise if you waltz in and start measuring someone’s kitchen, right?  An approximate measurement is fine.

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Just a quick little video progression of a ceramic tile installation we completed recently. This was a kerdi shower with ceramic tiles installed in a subway or running bond pattern. There are also a couple of diamond inserts placed in the shower and it was all tied in with the tile on and around the tub deck.  The orange membrane on the wall is Schluter’s Kerdi waterproofing membrane.

You can read more about our Kerdi installation services here: Kerdi Shower Preparation in Fort Collins. For more details about this particular installation you can read our post about it here: Ceramic Tile Installation in Fort Collins.

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Staron hard surface countertop installation contractor in Fort Collins, ColoradoMy last blog post mentioned the recent Staron vanity countertops we installed in Fort Collins. I have received a couple of emails requesting more information about this product so I’ve decided to write up a quick post regarding the Staron as well as a couple of like options.

Staron is a hard-surface product used for countertops. It is almost identical to Corian hard-surface countertops but it is nearly half the price! It has the same advantages as the Corian in that it is easy to clean, durable and very stain-resistant. You can view more detailed information at their website here: Staron Hard Surface Countertops.

Tile Art installs three basic types of this material: Corian, Meganite, and Staron. The Corian is the most commonly known, the Meganite and Staron are lesser known but nearly identical products. Between the three you can choose from over 300 different colors and textures.

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Bathroom Glass tile vanity backsplash installation in Fort Collins, ColoradoJust some quick photos of a glass mosaic vanity backsplash I’ve recently completed in Fort Collins. The countertops were initially tiled with small 6 x 6 tile which we removed and installed Staron brand hard surface vanity countertops in their place.

Staron is nearly identical to Corian countertops and are just as durable. They can be made to order with a variety of edge finishes and are easily maintained.

The backsplash consists of 2 x 2 inch tile which has a surface of metallic [continue reading…]

Kerdi shower and tub tile installer in Fort Collins, ColoradoI just finished up a complete Kerdi shower installation in Fort Collins, CO. The homeowner initially called me due to some swelling around the end of the tub along the shower wall. Upon further inspection we discovered that  area (the half-wall) was not properly waterproofed and the moisture migrating behind the tile started to soak into the framing causing it to swell.

This scenario is unfortunately all too common. A very large percentage of bathroom remodels begin with a leaking or swelling shower substrate which was improperly built. Once the half wall was removed it was apparent that the rest of the shower was not waterproofed either. We ended up replacing the entire shower and tub deck.

We also added a tiled shower floor rather than the acrylic pan used initially. Once the acrylic pan was removed the shower was slightly enlarged and waterproofed with Schluter’s Kerdi membrane. We then purchased matching tile to tie the entire installation back into the wall tile around the tub deck (which was not removed) and the homeowner added a frameless glass shower enclosure.

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home graphicWith the recent economic situation people have begun a major shift in their mindset about home ownership. Where there was once a large ‘fix-and-flip’ mentality there is now a growing realization that houses actually make great homes!

Rather than viewing property as a short-term investment people are beginning to seek out viable long-term upgrade projects which will greatly increase the property value.  These projects also help make their house a comfortable, functional place to raise their family.

Fix-and-Flip is Dead

Prior to 2008 there was a growing movement of people who realized that they could purchase a house, spruce it up with new paint, carpet, and tile, and turn around and sell it for profit. If everyone were very honest about it they would know that there were quite a few people making a very nice living doing this. They would also know that for every one of those people there were probably ten or fifteen more who were not.

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Porcelain and Glass BacksplashI’ve recently completed a kitchen backsplash remodel with Florida Tile’s Urbanite Stone 6×18 Stratus Listello porcelain mosaics (think they could give that tile a longer name? :D ) with Florida Tile’s ‘Jeffery Court’ glass mosaics as an accent.

The previous backsplash consisted of 6 x 8 inch ceramic wall tile which was installed when the house was built and didn’t match the granite countertops very well at all. The homeowner’s decided they would like a more contemporary, updated look for their kitchen.

The backsplash was grouted with Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK epoxy grout (#1227 Hemp) which offsets the color of the main field tile just enough to accentuate the design of the mosaics. SpectraLOCK is an ideal grout for a kitchen backsplash because it is extremely durable, easy to clean, and virtually stain-proof. An ideal product for a kitchen.

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Are you tired of the plain, boring drywall or one row of tile backsplash in your kitchen? Purchase your tiled kitchen backsplash between now and the end of June and get a brand new ceramic or porcelain tiled kitchen backsplash for one low price! We will transform your kitchen from a standard builder’s grade drywall or boring tile row into a fully tiled backsplash from the countertops to the upper cabinets.

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Fix My Shower LogoTile Art is proud to announce the launch of our new subsidiary company ‘Fix My Shower‘. We understand that the normal maintenance requirements of a shower or tub are often misunderstood or simply put on the bottom of your ‘things to do’ list.

Little things like re-caulking, drain cleaning, cleaning the shower head for full flow and checking the overall ‘health’ of your shower are not at the top of anyone’s list. They are all the little things nobody ever gets around to completing. Fix My Shower was created to solve this for you. Our basic ‘shower tune-up’ includes all of these as well as a 12 point checklist of the overall health of your shower or tub.

Correctly maintaining what you currently own is the best protection against future problems. With one phone call Fix My Shower can take care of that for you. Stop worrying about how long that shower is going to last before you need to replace it – a professional tune-up will solve that! Extend the life of your shower and get those pesky items checked off your list.

Fix My Shower provides shower and tub maintenance from top to bottom. We have several services available to help keep your shower properly maintained. Visit FixMyShower.com for details and take the worry out of your shower maintenance.  Schedule your tune-up today!

Octagonal mosaic tile floor installation with black dot in Northern ColoradoI’ve recently remodeled two bathroom floors in Erie, CO with two inch octagonal mosaic tile with a small black diamonds or ‘dots’. The two bathroom floors had vinyl flooring.

I removed the vinyl and wooden baseboards in both bathrooms and installed a decoupling membrane, the mosaics, and four inch high ‘cove’ tile for the wall base. Both floors were then grouted with Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK epoxy grout.

Hexagonal mosaics such as these became popular during the 1920’s and 30’s in bungalow style homes. Early bathrooms were normally done in all or mostly white simply because it was considered sterile. During the first part of the 20th century colors began being implemented into the designs.

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