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Services and Techniques

At Tile Art we take pride in working with you to bring your vision to life. We will take time one-on-one with you before your project and listen to your needs and desires. Only when we understand your vision can we suggest the best technique to accomplish it. We will then suggest different methods which would be suitable to what you desire. All techniques have different advantages and price points. Having several different options at your fingertips helps you balance the line between desire and cost. Options save you money and time .

We will ask questions and listen to your preferences. We will then work diligently to ensure that your needs are met. With constant communication and feedback all the way through to the end of your project you will end up with what you envisioned.


Tile Art takes pride in offering our clients a diverse array of services for their project. Our basic services include:

  • Interior and exterior wall and floor tile installation
  • Shower waterproofing and tile installation
  • Kitchen backsplash tile installation
  • All types of natural stone tile installation

Beyond our basic services we also offer the following specialty services. You may click on any of the items for more information:

Techniques and Products

At Tile Art we are experienced in several different tile installation methods. Below are a few of the installation methods and products we use regularly. If you have any questions about any of them please feel free to contact us and ask.

Kerdi shower system

Schluter’s Kerdi shower system system is a method of waterproofing a shower. It is better than the traditional systems because it is a topical waterproofing membrane. What this simply means is that the waterproof layer is installed directly beneath the tile rather than behind or below the substrate on which the tile is installed.

By utilizing the waterproof layer directly beneath the tile it eliminates water retention typical in a traditional shower. By doing this you also eliminate the possibility of mold and bacteria. Mold requires moisture. With a surface membrane such as Kerdi there is no moisture present for mold to form. This creates a cleaner, healthier environment in your shower which also increases the life of your tile installation. You can read more about the Kerdi shower system and why it is the best choice for your installation on Schluter’s website here.

With the Kerdi system you can utilize various aspects of it from simply using the waterproofing membrane on the walls all the way up to the entire system from the drain to the ceiling. The system is very versatile. If you decide to choose the Kerdi system for your project we will extend our normal warranty to a full five years. Most installation failures, especially in a shower, happen within the first two years after installation. By extending our warranty to a full five years you will be assured that your installation will last for as long as you choose to live with it. If you need a Schluter Kerdi installer give us a call and see what a difference a qualified Kerdi contractor can make.

Redgard, hydroban, 9235, and other liquid membranes

The liquid membranes have the same advantage as the Kerdi membrane in that they are all waterproofing membranes installed directly beneath the tile. These products are all brush-on or roll-on membranes. They are in a liquid form which is brushed or rolled onto the shower walls, some utilizing fabric reinforcement, which, when cured, create a “rubber” like membrane onto which the tile is then installed.

Durock, Fiberboard, Hardibacker, and other cementitious backer boards.

We also install regular cementitious backer board shower walls. While they are not as “high-tech” as the methods above, when properly installed they are the industry standard tile substrate for regular shower walls and tub surrounds.

We also utilize the cementitious backerboards as a substrate for floor and countertop tile.


Schluter’s Ditra is an uncoupling membrane for flooring tile. What this means is that the product essentially “separates” the movement in the floor from the tile installed upon it. It is advantageous because any floor, wooden or concrete, will move to some extent. Ditra separates that movement so it does not transfer through to the tile. This leads to a more solid and longer lasting tile installation.

Ditra is also our preferred substrate for countertop tile installation.

Dry-Pack mortar shower pans

We regularly create shower floors utilizing a typical dry-pack mortar and waterproof liner method. Most tiled shower floors you see are made this way. We can create a shower base in any size or shape using this method. When properly fabricated (following industry standards in regard to pre-slope, height above curb, etc.) they will last for years.

We also create curbless and handicap accessible showers in this manner.

Epoxy Grout

We use the best possible installation techniques and materials available and prefer to use Laticrete tile and stone installation products. We recommend and feature SpectraLOCK, the ‘Stainless Grout’ that never needs sealing. Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK is the only epoxy grout we use at Tile Art. We believe in offering our customers only the best! Ask us about the advantages of upgrading your grout choice to SpectraLOCK.

We would be happy to sit down and discuss all the advantages of the different systems with you. Just give us a call or use our contact form and set up a free consultation and proposal for your project. At Tile Art we believe a well-informed client is a satisfied client. We also believe that once you understand all the advantages of the different systems you will understand which is the best choice and why. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.