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Shower Floor Fabrication and Preparation
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Shower Floor Fabrication and Preparation

Tile Art also prepares shower floors for those who wish to install their own tile. The waterproofing aspect is, of course, the most important of any shower or tub tile installation. Your shower should be absolutely waterproof before any tile is installed – tile and grout are not waterproof. The potential for damage to your home from an improperly waterproofed shower is extreme. Get your shower waterproofed and ready to go by a professional and utilize the education and experience for the most important aspect of your shower tile installation.

A traditional shower floor utilizing a waterproofing membrane can be built in any shape or size required. A properly built shower floor is created with two layers of deck mud or dry-pack mortar with the rubber membrane sandwiched between.

The bottom layer, the one often skipped, is created first and is sloped from the perimeter of the shower to the weep holes in the drain. This allows any moisture reaching the membrane to be directed to the drain and out of the shower rather than remaining stagnant beneath the floor. It is essential for a properly built shower to contain a pre-slope beneath the waterproofing layer.

The membrane is then placed on the pre-slope and folded (not cut) into the wall cavity, draped over the curb or dam, and waterproofed at the corners with an additional patch where the liner must be cut over the curb. The membrane must be secured between the upper and lower flange of the drain with silicone beneath the liner between it and the lower flange. This ensures that no water can seep out below the liner once it reaches the drain.

The top layer is the actual substrate to which the tile is installed. It is also imperative that before this layer is fabricated the weep holes in the drain are blocked from the mortar so they do not get clogged and negate the use. This layer must be precisely packed and screeded for the proper slope and a flat surface suitable for tile installation.

Take the worry out of the most technically demanding aspect of your shower tile installation and leave the headache to the professionals. It will ensure you have a properly prepared substrate for your own tile installation and let you have the fun part – installing the tile. If you are in Fort Collins, Loveland, or any part of Northern Colorado just give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss your project and take the worry out of your installation.