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Glass tile shower with a linear drain in Fort Collins

glass mosaic shower with river rock mosaic floor designWe’ve recently completed a glass tile shower in Fort Collins. The shower itself is fairly small, just 3 x 3 feet, so the decision to use a lighter colored glass mosaic really added quite a bit  lighter and more open feel to the small space.

This shower was waterproofed with Laticrete Hydroban waterproofing membrane and utilized a three-foot linear drain across the shower entrance. When using a linear drain the shower floor does not need to be a shallow ‘bowl’ shape, it can be one flat plane from the opposite wall to the drain. This allows the use of any size or type of tile on the floor as it is not limited to the ability to conform to a slope.

The homeowner wanted to use flat river rock for the floor of the shower and bathroom with a custom design. The two colors of river rock were laid out to resemble a river running through a green field. The black stones represent the water and run from each end of the bathroom to the drain. These are surrounded by light green rock to represent green, grassy fields.

We used a Laticrete Linear drain with the tile-in option for the grate. This allows you to install the same tile into the center portion of the drain covering rather than a metallic grate. Using these is ideal for allowing a custom design with minimal breaks or differences through the drain. It will nearly disappear.

The glass mosaic in the shower and along the entire back wall of the bathroom are pale, ice blue-green with long, black glass bars placed randomly to resemble water dripping down the wall onto the floor. All the glass mosaics are installed vertically rather than the normal horizontal position.

The installation was finished up with a light, sea-green colored grout. The glass mosaics really added a lot of light to this room and creates a completely different feel to what was a very plain, small bathroom.

If you need custom tile or glass installation in Fort Collins or any part of Northern Colorado just give us a call or fill out our contact form.

You may click any of photos below for a full-size version.


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