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Join us for our New Year’s Remodel Resolution!

Tile Art's Remodel Resolution

You are invited…

Here at Tile Art we have decided to shake off the old (vigorously!) and put on a shiny new year, fresh out of the box. Still has that new year shine!

We think you should join us with a New Year’s Remodel Resolution! Get rid of that outdated, now un-shiny bathroom tub surround and the vinyl flooring that is seemingly attempting to remove itself (around the edges, anyway) and replace them with a long lasting, low maintenance tile bathroom.

Nothing says shiny new bathroom like, well, a shiny new bathroom. We have had enough of the naysayers, doomsdayers and instigators.

Well we say NO MORE!

We think you deserve to relax! We think you need to get away! We think – we know – you deserve a luxurious place to keep to yourself. We want to help you do that.

Spa luxury - everyday! You deserve it

Spa luxury – everyday!   You deserve it

Let us build you a private sanctuary where you can get away from the world at the end of the day. You can shut off the phones and lose yourself in another place. One not associated with the doom and gloom, whining, complaining and stress of everyday life.

You will have your own secluded hideaway waiting for you at the end of every day. One without the high prices, bad water, and sand in who-knows-where. You can just sit back, relax and get away from everything.

At least until the kids get home.

Give us a call and see how we can build you your very own secluded island resort right inside your own master bathroom. Let us help you get away from it all!

Give us a call today for your very own, brand new, fresh out of the box all inclusive master bathroom remodel proposal.

Or just a price quote.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to having you join the Resolution!

Viva le Resolution!

Sorry, I had to . . .

If you would like to start your own Remodel Resolution! in Fort Collins, or any part of Northern Colorado, just give us a call or use our contact form and we can discuss your own private getaway.

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