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IMG_2447Remodeling small hall bathrooms is a common project at Tile Art. Normally completed in four days or so, we remove all the builder’s grade products such as linoleum, plastic tub surrounds or small ceramic wall tile around the tub, and replace it with custom tile which will transform the bathroom from the mundane to something you’ll be proud to have in your home.

This was just a really quick transformation, from linoleum and plastic tub walls, to completely custom porcelain and glass tile. The shower walls were tiled with 13 x 13 inch porcelain tiles with a glass mosaic running through in a less-than-common manner. The accent stripe was lowered to about a foot above the tub all the way around, and a vertical inset of the same mosaic runs through the shower controls and shower head. The same mosaics were also utilized for the back of the niche on the back wall.

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Ride the wave!At Tile Art we LOVE to do custom work! Nearly anything you can envision we can bring to life in your custom bathroom.

We did these two bathrooms with a ‘wave’ theme, incorporating 12×24 porcelain tiles with a glass, marble and metal mosaic liner. In the upstairs bathroom we ran the wave in the back of the tub wall all the way to the ceiling and continued the design onto the floor.

In the basement bathroom we built an entire stand-up shower incorporating the wave all the way from the ceiling, down through the shower floor mosaics, over the shower curb and out onto the bathroom floor.

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limestone kitche backsplash in Fort Collins

This is a limestone mosaic backsplash installed in a kitchen we recently completed in Fort Collins, Colorado. The individual limestone tiles are 3/4″ wide varying in lengths from one inch to eight inches. The area behind the stove which goes all the way to the ceiling now has a stainless steel cooking hood in front of it.

Limestone is a natural stone that requires a fair amount of maintenance, especially when installed in an area like a kitchen or shower. It is an absorbent stone and requires proper sealing and very regular cleaning. While it looks absolutely fantastic when installed properly, it is a decision not to be made without understanding the amount of care needed for your installation.

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Porcelain subway kitchen backsplash in Fort CollinsWe recently completed a small kitchen backsplash in a condo in Fort Collins. The tile chosen was Florida Tile’s Livingston line in the ‘Leather’ color.

The owner wanted a nice, clean look to finish off the clean lines in the kitchen. We went with a 4 x 8 inch subway tile and a matching grout. It added a durable finish to the backsplash without taking away from the look of the overall kitchen.

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Tile Art's Remodel Resolution

You are invited…

Here at Tile Art we have decided to shake off the old (vigorously!) and put on a shiny new year, fresh out of the box. Still has that new year shine!

We think you should join us with a New Year’s Remodel Resolution! Get rid of that outdated, now un-shiny bathroom tub surround and the vinyl flooring that is seemingly attempting to remove itself (around the edges, anyway) and replace them with a long lasting, low maintenance tile bathroom.

Nothing says shiny new bathroom like, well, a shiny new bathroom. We have had enough of the naysayers, doomsdayers and instigators.

Well we say NO MORE!

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Subway shower with river rock floorWe recently completed a subway shower with river rock on the shower floor and hex tile on the bathroom floor.

The shower was waterproofed with Schluter Kerdi-board. Kerdi-board is a waterproof polystyrene tile substrate with the kerdi membrane bonded to it. It is installed in lieu of cement backerboard or other shower substrates. The tile is bonded directly to the Kerdi-board.

The shower floor has the Schluter Kerdi-drain and is waterproofed with the Kerdi membrane.

The shower walls have handmade ceramic subway tiles with a geometric glass accent band running throughout towards the top. We built a niche in the back wall and used the glass accent tile in the back of it to make it stand out.

The shower floor is black rounded river rock. Before deciding on river rock for your shower floor you should get a sample and walk on it with your bare feet. Some people like it, some can’t stand it. Be sure to test it out before having it installed.

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glass mosaic shower with river rock mosaic floor designWe’ve recently completed a glass tile shower in Fort Collins. The shower itself is fairly small, just 3 x 3 feet, so the decision to use a lighter colored glass mosaic really added quite a bit  lighter and more open feel to the small space.

This shower was waterproofed with Laticrete Hydroban waterproofing membrane and utilized a three-foot linear drain across the shower entrance. When using a linear drain the shower floor does not need to be a shallow ‘bowl’ shape, it can be one flat plane from the opposite wall to the drain. This allows the use of any size or type of tile on the floor as it is not limited to the ability to conform to a slope.

The homeowner wanted to use flat river rock for the floor of the shower and bathroom with a custom design. The two colors of river rock were laid out to resemble a river running through a green field. The black stones represent the water and run from each end of the bathroom to the drain. These are surrounded by light green rock to represent green, grassy fields.

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glass marble and porcelain master bathroomWe recently completed a master bathroom in Windsor, Colorado. the shower has one porcelain tile wall with the remainder covered with a green glass and marble mosaic. The shower floor is 4 x 4 inch tumbled travertine.

The tumbled travertine is on the shower floor as well as the deck of the soaking tub. The porcelain accent wall is on the wet wall of the shower which includes a custom niche. The curb of the shower is also wrapped with the same white porcelain tile.

The glass and marble mosaics cover the rest of the installation. The large back wall of the shower continues along the lower back wall of  the soaking tub and wraps around the remainder of the tub splash. The face of the tub deck is also covered with the mosaics and runs around into the shower to meet back around at the back wall.

The installation is completed with a small backsplash along the vanity with the same glass and marble mosaic.

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White thassos marble master bathroomWe recently finished up a master bathroom in Berthoud, Colorado. The entire bathroom was built from the studs out. The main feature of this bathroom is the huge shower – it’s 5 feet by 8 feet!

The shower has a five-foot linear drain (Pro-line) in the center of the floor. The advantage of a linear drain is that you can have a flat floor rather than a shallow bowl-shaped floor. The shower floor on each side of the drain is a flat plane sloped toward the center. While this particular shower uses marble mosaics you can utilize any size tile you want on the shower floor when using a linear drain. The tile does not need to conform to a slope.

The entire shower was waterproofed with Schluter Kerdi. The bench and top of the curb has kerdi-board. This is a lightweight waterproof substrate which can be used for the walls as well as any features in the shower you need waterproofed.

Once all the waterproofing was installed we did a flood test to ensure that the shower did not leak. To flood test a shower floor the drain is plugged and the entire shower floor is filled to the top with water. It is left in the shower for 24-72 hours. Once it is determined the shower does not leak it is ready for the tile installation.

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Porcelain and glass master bathroom in Fort CollinsWe recently finished up a master bathroom remodel in Fort Collins.  The previous bathroom was outdated and the room made much smaller with walls and divisions, the tub and shower on opposite sides of the room, white builder’s grade tile and, of course, the huge ‘mirror wall’ above the vanity – presumably to give the illusion of a much larger room. It wasn’t needed – the room is fairly large, it just needed to be opened up and updated.

The homeowner demolished the existing bath and tile and when we began we started with a large, blank room torn down to the studs. After moving some plumbing and getting everything where it needed to be we began by building up the flooring substrate with a double layer of 3/4″ plywood.

Given the spacing of the floor joists and the double layer of substrate we ended up with a nice, solid floor that didn’t ‘bounce’. The strength of the floor, or the limited ‘bounce’ is called the deflection ratio of your floor. (There is much more to it than that – but that essentially describes what we are attempting to limit.)

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Get a beautiful glass tile kitchen backsplash for your kitchen today! For one low price we will remove your current backsplash, prepare the substrate, install and grout your new glass backsplash normally in less than two full days! Just click the photo for details.

Glass Tile Backsplash Special

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