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Unique Holiday Gift Idea – Glass Kitchen Backsplash

This special has ended. You can view our current glass tile backsplash promotion here: Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tile Special


Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? How about a glass kitchen backsplash? You can purchase a complete kitchen backsplash as a gift and we will schedule the installation at the recipient’s convenience.

Our glass backsplash installations begin at just $649. That price includes complete installation as well as a choice of 17 different styles and colors of glass tile (The photo to the left is one of these tiles). These our just our basic choices of glass tile – you can choose from any style or type of glass you would like.

If you would like to give someone a gift that they will use every day, increases the property value, brightens the entire look of a kitchen and is completely unique, consider giving a glass tile kitchen backsplash installation.

How it works

When you decide to give the gift of glass for the holidays just give us a call. All we need to know is the approximate length of the countertops we will be installing the backsplash over. We do not need exact figures at this time – it would ruin the surprise if you waltz in and start measuring someone’s kitchen, right?  An approximate measurement is fine.

Then just give us a call and let us know that number. We will give you an approximate price based on that size and our standard glass tile prices. You do not need to choose the particular tile at this time! We’re going to have the recipient choose that – it’s their kitchen.

Based on the approximate price at that time all it takes is 50% down to secure your installation. We will then give you a ‘sample board’ with a few different types of our standard glass tile which can be wrapped up along with the card (with pretty pictures on it) explaining what they have received.

After the holidays (or whenever you decide to give them your gift) we will set up an appointment with the recipient and get exact measurements, have them choose the tile, set a schedule and get all the details together. We would prefer that you be at this meeting with us but it is not necessary. If you are not there we will contact you after the meeting to let you know the exact price, timeline, schedule, and any other pertinent information.

We will then install your gift. A backsplash normally only takes about two days to install so it can usually be added to the schedule within 2-3 weeks from the time of the meeting. The balance of the purchase is due upon completion of the installation.

That’s it! It really couldn’t be much easier to give a high quality, very special gift. The recipient always gets what they want because they actually choose everything – colors, type of tile, grout. You leave the choices to them so you are ensured the ability to give a gift they are happy with – every time!

Consider giving a gift that will be used every day and never gets returned behind your back. A glass kitchen backsplash will change an entire kitchen and you are giving a gift of increased property value! Give a completely unique gift this holiday season.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss your gift of a glass tile installation. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask! We can install your gift in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Greeley, or just about any part of Northern Colorado.

Would you like to receive a glass tile backsplash as a holiday gift? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!

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