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Porcelain and Glass Kitchen Backsplash in Windsor

Porcelain and Glass BacksplashI’ve recently completed a kitchen backsplash remodel with Florida Tile’s Urbanite Stone 6×18 Stratus Listello porcelain mosaics (think they could give that tile a longer name? :D ) with Florida Tile’s ‘Jeffery Court’ glass mosaics as an accent.

The previous backsplash consisted of 6 x 8 inch ceramic wall tile which was installed when the house was built and didn’t match the granite countertops very well at all. The homeowner’s decided they would like a more contemporary, updated look for their kitchen.

The backsplash was grouted with Laticrete’s SpectraLOCK epoxy grout (#1227 Hemp) which offsets the color of the main field tile just enough to accentuate the design of the mosaics. SpectraLOCK is an ideal grout for a kitchen backsplash because it is extremely durable, easy to clean, and virtually stain-proof. An ideal product for a kitchen.

Since the glass mosaic accents were considerably thinner than the field tile they required additional backing to create a flush finish for the face of the backsplash. I use small pieces of Schluter Ditra which builds them up just the right amount. This creates a nice flat finish on the face of the backsplash no matter how much the thickness of the different tiles may vary.

This particular installation ended with a very clean, crisp, contemporary look for a very up-to-date kitchen. If you need a tile backsplash installed in Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland, or any part of Northern Colorado just give us a call at 970-213-3682 or fill out our online contact form.

You may click on any of the photos below for a full-size version.

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