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Fix My Shower!

Fix My Shower LogoTile Art is proud to announce the launch of our new subsidiary company ‘Fix My Shower‘. We understand that the normal maintenance requirements of a shower or tub are often misunderstood or simply put on the bottom of your ‘things to do’ list.

Little things like re-caulking, drain cleaning, cleaning the shower head for full flow and checking the overall ‘health’ of your shower are not at the top of anyone’s list. They are all the little things nobody ever gets around to completing. Fix My Shower was created to solve this for you. Our basic ‘shower tune-up’ includes all of these as well as a 12 point checklist of the overall health of your shower or tub.

Correctly maintaining what you currently own is the best protection against future problems. With one phone call Fix My Shower can take care of that for you. Stop worrying about how long that shower is going to last before you need to replace it – a professional tune-up will solve that! Extend the life of your shower and get those pesky items checked off your list.

Fix My Shower provides shower and tub maintenance from top to bottom. We have several services available to help keep your shower properly maintained. Visit FixMyShower.com for details and take the worry out of your shower maintenance.  Schedule your tune-up today!

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