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How to pick the perfect grout

Glass backsplash in Fort Collins with light gray groutOne of the key things that can make or break an installation is choosing the correct grout color. Grout can blend into the grout lines, enhance the grout lines, make the tile darker or lighter along with a number of other things that can affect the overall look of your tile installation.

Rather than simply holding up that little grout color sample against your tile you can get a better indication of what your tile will look like with different colors of grout by having your contractor make you a sample board.

A sample board is simply a scrap piece of drywall or backerboard with some of your tile installed on it and different areas grouted with different colors. The glass backsplash above is a perfect example of the need to choose the correct grout color.

For this installation the homeowner was undecided as to a dark or lighter grout. The different shades of glass in the backsplash made either one a viable option and simply made it more difficult to choose. So I made a sample board with some of the tile installed and used three different colors of grout: black, white, and gray.

Sample board showing different grout colors for glass tileTo the right you can see the difference the separate colors made in the overall look of each piece. The dark grout makes the tile considerably darker and the white makes it considerably lighter. This is simply in one square foot of tile, imagine that entire look on the whole backsplash.

The homeowner decided to go with the gray grout which kept the basic initial look, shades and colors of the tile itself. She wanted the grout to blend into the background so that the tile would be the center of attention rather than the grout lines.

The white grout lines would show up considerably and the black would do the same, although not quite as much. The black simply made the overall look too dark, which would effectively negate having glass tile for a backsplash.

Sample board showing different grout colors for glass tileIt is always better also to take the sample board into the room the tile is actually installed in. This will let you see what it will look like in that specific room and lighting. Different light will affect tile differently, especially glass tile. Set it in there and stand back and take a look at it. Take your time, grout is permanent.

If you spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect tile shouldn’t you have the perfect grout to bring it all together?

If you need a glass tile backsplash installed in Fort Collins, or any part of Northern Colorado, just give us a call or fill out our contact form and get the perfect look for your kitchen.

Dark glass kitchen tile backsplash in Fort Collins, CO

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