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Porcelain and glass mosaic bathroom shower in Fort Collins

Porcelain and glass shower in Fort CollinsWe recently completed a small hall bathroom shower in Fort Collins. The shower was the typical 6×6 builder’s grade ceramic tile, although this one did have a bit of a design to it with a row diagonally and a frame around it.

The bathroom has a window in the middle of the shower (which can be tiled around) and now has a glass mosaic insert through the center of the shower.

We removed the old shower tile and substrate, which was regular drywall, and replaced it with a Schluter Kerdi-board substrate to make the entire shower waterproof. The inside of the window frame was also waterproofed with Kerdi-board after the water damage was repaired. Oftentimes these windows are not waterproofed correctly when the initial tile is installed and leads to swelling and cracking grout around it.

Many houses are built with improper or non-existent waterproofing on the shower walls. Many times builders will simply have the drywall installed and the tile contractor just bonds the tile directly to it. This is not an approved method, nor will it last any significant amount of time. Tile and grout are not waterproof, the waterproofing for any shower must be behind or on the substrate beneath the tile. Once water hits drywall it will begin to disintegrate. Once the water reaches the wall framing it will begin to swell. This will crack grout at first, then begin to crack tiles.

The cracking grout and tile are only the visible signs of the damage being done. The structural integrity of the framing will eventually be compromised. This can also create many problems with mold and mildew inside your walls. A properly built and waterproofed shower guarantees that water will remain inside your shower until it is funneled into the drain – where it belongs.

The new tile is 12 x 12 inch porcelain with a glass mosaic liner running from each side of the window. The bathroom is against the outside wall where the ceiling slopes down so we installed the tile all the way up to the ceiling and followed the line of the corner down. This looks much better than a square finish on the tile under a diagonal corner at the ceiling.

If you need a tile contractor to properly rebuild and waterproof your shower in Fort Collins, or any part of Northern Colorado, just fill out our contact form or give us a call.

You may click on any of the photos below for a larger version.

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