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Porcelain Tile Master Bathroom Remodel in Fort Collins

Porcelain tile master bathroom shower in Fort Collins, ColoradoWe have recently completed a full bathroom remodel in Fort Collins. The previous bathroom was a white marble. It was 30 years old and time for an update!

Although most natural stone is essentially timeless, there were underlying issues in the shower and deck substrate which demanded an upgrade. Coupled with the fact that the marble was installed with WIDE grout lines, which are no longer as acceptable as they were 30 years ago, it was time to rebuild and waterproof everything.

We began by removing the old shower walls, floor and the deck stepping up to it. Due to the damage on the deck and the underlying substrate, we removed everything down to the floor joists and rebuilt, including shoring up the joists. The old shower pan was lead, which was a common waterproofing method for shower floors in the 70’s and early 80’s.

We then installed a mud deck on the floor outside the shower and sloped it into the shower to create a curbless transition. When you have enough room to install a mud deck it is easy to transition into the shower without a curb to step over.

Once that was finished we waterproofed the shower walls with Schluter Kerdi-Board, installed Ditra on the deck and kerdi into the shower floor to waterproof it, and rebuilt the front of the tub deck next to it, using kerdi to waterproof it as well.

The tile is Florida Tile’s Livingston line, with the ‘Leather’ color being the main tile and ‘Taupe’ as the accent row on-point in a 13 x 13 inch format. The same, although a smaller version, was installed around the tub. We also rebuilt the vanity tops and tiled them with Livingston Leather as well.

The shower has two niches in it, with the Taupe as the back of them to contrast the main wall tile, and the original brass fixtures were reinstalled, with upgraded internal parts. This allowed us to keep the look without the worry of maintenance.

We accomplished a major upgrade in the tile and substrate while still maintaining the look and feel of the original fixtures and overall period of the house. With the newly upgraded waterproofing, substrates and plumbing this bathroom will easily last another 30 years!

If it’s time for a contractor to upgrade to your bathroom in Fort Collins, or anywhere in Northern Colorado,  just fill out our contact form or give us a call and see how you can get decades of worry-free maintenance for your master bathroom!

You may click on any of the photos below for a larger version, or to view a slideshow.

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