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Bathroom Remodel in Fort Collins

Completed shower tile with row on point in bathroom remodel in Fort Collins

I just finished another of our two-day bathroom remodels. This was a master bathroom in Fort Collins, Colorado which had the standard builder’s grade fiberglass tub surround and vinyl flooring.

I tore out the fiberglass surround and replaced it with drywall and Schluter’s Kerdi waterproofing membrane. The tile is a 12″ x 12″ ceramic with a row through the middle on-point (diagonally).

The floor had the standard vinyl covering which I removed and installed Schluter” Ditra membrane. The tile was installed on-point on the entire floor. When working with a smaller bathroom, or any room for that matter, installing the tile on-point will usually make the room look a bit larger. Although this takes a bit more tile and time it is often well worth it.

When you use the same tile for the entire space you will usually want to break up the monotony by utilizing different directions such as the row in the shower or having the tile out of sync with the lines of the room such as the floor being at a 45 degree angle from the walls, tub, vanity, etc. This breaks up the room and usually makes it look a bit larger.

With just a small budget you can make a huge difference with a small bathroom in a short time. By utilizing a few design aspects. such as the row in the shower and the floor on point. with the little details, such as new trim pieces for the shower and maybe a different color scheme, you can transform a bland bathroom into one you’ll be proud to own. It can also be done quickly, this whole remodel only took two-and-a-half days!

If you need your bathroom remodeled in Fort Collins or any part of Northern Colorado just give us a call or use our contact form and we can sit down and discuss what it will take to give you the bathroom you want rather than the one you’re currently have.

You may click on any of the photos below for a full-size version.

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