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Porcelain Bath Remodel

Porcelain shower tile remodel in Fort CollinsI recently finished a total bathroom remodel in Fort Collins. The entire floor and shower surround were removed and replaced with all new substrates and tiled with porcelain. White walls and dark blue floor and accents give this bath a real clean European look and feel.

The floor substrate is two layers of plywood beneath Schluter Ditra and the shower surround was Denshield backer board with the niches cut out, framed, and wrapped with Schluter Kerdi for waterproofing. The bottom accent stripe continues through the wainscot around the entire bathroom. The top stripe contains accent diamonds of contrasting color and wraps around the entire shower.

I used two different grout colors, white and dark blue, and used dark blue through the entire accent stripe and on the floor.  A white grout line in the dark blue stripe would change the entire look of the accent. Small details such as this will take any tile installation to the next level. Using a contrasting grout would essentially “grid” the tile and not leave the clean, uniform lines it now has.

The room is a bit small so it is difficult to get a photo of the entire thing in one shot. You can click on any of the images below for a full-size version.

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