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Shower Upgrade Options

Shower corner shelf fabrication and installation in Fort Collins

Corner Shelves

When Building a custom shower there are many options available as upgrades that you may want to consider. We can fabricate and/or install all of the things listed here. If you have ever thought about getting any of them just go ahead and put it on the list. Create the shower you will be comfortable in for the next several years!

Built-in Corner Shelves

Rather than having one of those dangling shelves hanging off your shower head consider built-in corner shelves. We can custom fabricate these out of the tile we are installing on the wall to ensure a perfect match every time. We can put as many shelves in the corner(s) of your shower as you wish. You’ll need plenty of storage for your rubber duckies!

Built-in Shower Niche fabrication and installation in Fort Collins

Built-in Shower Niche

Built-in Wall Niches

All the advantages of corner shelves without losing an inch of shower space. We can create a niche or cubby inside your wall cavity in the shower and install as many shelves in it as you want. They keep everything tidy and out of the way.

A custom niche can also become a large part of the overall shower design. By installing custom inserts, mosaics or patterns in the back of the niche we can make them really stand out and create a focal point of your shower, or they can blend into the entire design and become simply an unnoticeable shelving space.

Built-in wall niches are one of our most popular upgrades in any shower installation.

Floating Corner Bench installation in Fort Collins

Floating Corner Bench


We also do custom-built benches inside your shower. These can be a full-length bench along one wall or a small corner bench seat. We can fabricate them full-height (all the way to the floor) or floating which simply look like a large (albeit low) corner shelf.

Shaving Shelf

Ladies – have your significant other read this part.

Men, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. See the paragraph above where I describe benches? Ladies want the bench. But! They don’t want the bench to sit on – they want the bench to prop their foot on while shaving their legs. Didn’t know that – did you? :D

Custom shaving niche installation in Fort Collins

Shaving Niche

An upgrade completely unique (at least until I post this to my website) to Tile Art. There are two basic styles of shaving shelves we install.

  • The first is simply a low corner shelf created from the tile being installed in the shower. They are small, out of the way, and completely indispensable. One of the handiest things you’ll ever use.
  • The second, and my favorite (to build, I don’t often shave my legs) is the built-in shaving niche. This is essentially identical to the built-in wall niches for shelving except much smaller. Just the right size for a foot, as a matter of fact, and at the perfect height.

If you would like an upgrade that you will wonder how you ever got along without – this is it.

Glass Block Door-less shower installation in Fort Collins

Glass Block Wall

Glass Block

We install glass block in a variety of applications including exterior and interior windows, free-standing walls and use them to create door-less showers as well. Yes, you can actually have a shower without a door or shower curtain. We simply use the glass blocks to create an entrance ‘foyer’ for your shower which will prevent anything outside of the shower from getting wet.

You can read more about our glass block installations, and see more photos,  here: Tile Art Glass Block Installation

Custom Glass Enclosures

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure in Fort Collins

Frameless Glass

Beyond what I’ve described with the glass block we can also have custom glass installed for your shower. There are many, many varieties and designs available in both framed and frameless glass for your application. Utilizing matched hardware finishes and custom glass designs we can create a truly unique shower for your home.

If you are interested in any of the above upgrades for your custom shower just let us know! Give us a call or fill out our contact form to ask us any questions you may have about the custom shower you’ve always wanted.

Custom shaving shelf installation in Fort Collins

Shaving Shelf

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