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Restaurant Restroom in Fort Collins

Porcelain restaurant restroom in Fort Collins, CO

Here are a few photos of a restaurant bathroom I recently completed in Fort Collins, CO. The tile is 13 x 13 inch porcelain with a random color variation.

The floor was installed over a gypcrete subfloor with Schluter Ditra tile underlayment. The wainscot was installed over Fiberrock cementious backerboard which stops just 1/2″ below the top of the bullnose. The bullnose spans the transition from the backerboard to the drywall.

When utilizing one tile for an entire room it is often beneficial to put one aspect of the layout diagonally or on-point. It breaks up the monotony of the room and oftentimes gives it the illusion of being larger.

On smaller rooms it is also helpful to choose a tile such as this that has a lot of movement or variation on the surface. It will add movement to the room and, again, make it look larger.

These methods work well in applications such as a small corner shower or a shower or tub in a basement or darker room. Going with a tile that will add “movement” to the look will usually make the space look larger and take the focus off of what may be an unwanted feeling, such as small or dark. Also take into consideration the design of the installation. Tile on-point adds a lot of visual movement and breaks up what may be a boring space.

If you need a Fort Collins tile contractor to brighten up or visually increase the size of your bathroom just give us a call or use our contact form on the right and set up your appointment today.

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