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Porcelain Bathroom in Windsor

Dark Brown Porcelain Bath in Windsor, ColoradoI have been asked a couple of times about some of the photos on other pages of my site and the type of tile, application, project, etc. I was, at first, a bit apprehensive about placing them on my blog for a couple of reasons. The biggest of which is before I recreated my website and placed a blog on it, I took a limited number of photos of my installations and usually only of the end result. However, due to many people requesting more information about certain photos I will place them here with as much detail as I can remember and as many photos as I have of the particular project.

This one was taken in a walk-in shower and bathroom I installed in Windsor, Colorado. The tile is porcelain with 2 x 2 inch mosaics on the shower floor and used as a decorative strip around the entire shower. The bathroom also has a soaking tub deck and face which was tiled with the same. I installed three tiles on the face of the tub deck on-point (diagonally) to break up the uniformity of the bathroom somewhat.

The countertops have dark brown granite slabs as well as the top of the curb at the shower entrance, both the shower window sills (interior and exterior) and the bench seat across the back of the shower. If you click on the photo with the tub you can also see small granite squares installed in the backsplash of the countertops to tie it all in. (Pay no attention to the big scary looking guy in the mirror with the camera :D )

The shower was very large, something like 5 feet by 8 feet, and has an open design which does not require a shower door or curtain. The U shape of the shower allows an open design such as this. The entire shower was built from the studs with fiberboard CBU on the walls and a single-layer dry pack mud bed for the floor and Laticrete Hydroban as the waterproofing method. Hydroban is a liquid brush or roll on membrane which, when cured, leaves a latex-like waterproof layer over the surface on which it is applied. It can be used as the sole waterproofing agent for shower floors as well as walls.

All in all it is a very nice tile which ended up as a great, unique, clean looking installation for the entire bathroom. This is one of my favorite photos which is why it is on other pages of my site. If you need a tile installation contractor in Windsor, Colorado just give us a call or use our contact form to discuss your project.

You can click on any of the photos below for a full size version. Yes, any of the four – sorry, that’s all I have.

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