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Limestone mosaic kitchen backsplash in Fort Collins

limestone kitche backsplash in Fort Collins

This is a limestone mosaic backsplash installed in a kitchen we recently completed in Fort Collins, Colorado. The individual limestone tiles are 3/4″ wide varying in lengths from one inch to eight inches. The area behind the stove which goes all the way to the ceiling now has a stainless steel cooking hood in front of it.

Limestone is a natural stone that requires a fair amount of maintenance, especially when installed in an area like a kitchen or shower. It is an absorbent stone and requires proper sealing and very regular cleaning. While it looks absolutely fantastic when installed properly, it is a decision not to be made without understanding the amount of care needed for your installation.

If you plan on using limestone tile in your home be sure to speak with your contractor about the pros and cons of your particular project. With current tile manufacturing technology it may be a better option to choose a porcelain that looks like limestone. You can currently find porcelain tiles that look nearly identical to limestone, or any natural stone, and require a lot less maintenance.

Please be sure to understand the limitations of any tile type you are planning for your project. At Tile Art we are dedicated to helping you understand both how and why we install different types of tile, and what is required from you to keep your installation looking new. Many photos look spectacular in a magazine, but don’t necessarily work well in a real-world application when you live with it and actually use it. There are always alternatives available to both get the look you desire and be functional.

If you need a kitchen backsplash installed in Fort Collins and would like to explore the different options while achieving the look you want just give us a call at 970-213-3682 or just fill out our contact form.

You may click on any of the photos below to view a full-size version.

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