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Walk-In Kerdi Shower in Fort Collins

Here are some pictures of a Kerdi shower I installed in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The tile is 13 x 9 inch porcelain installed in a running bond (subway) pattern. There are several individual tiles installed with a 2 x 2 inch decorative insert placed in the center of the tile. I also installed one of these tiles with the insert centered above the entrance of the shower.

The walk-in entrance of the shower has a curved wall of glass blocks as a sort of door “shield” or barrier. This particular shower also had two large glass block exterior windows.

The shower also has a better bench installed. A better bench is a stainless steel triangular seat frame which is bolted or screwed into the wall and filled with dry pack deck mud. When set it can then be tiled and you will end up with a floating, triangular seat for the corner of your shower.

This shower was installed over Schluter’s Kerdi shower system. Kerdi is a waterproofing membrane for walls and floors in showers. It is advantageous in that it places your waterproofing layer directly beneath the tile rather than behind or under your tiling substrate. Since the tile is directly adhered to the waterproof sheet any water or moisture that reaches your substrate is directly channeled to the drain without soaking into or remaining in your wall material. If you need a Kerdi installation contractor in Fort Collins just give us a call. We are very experienced with Kerdi as well as many other proven installation methods for building showers.

You may click on any of the photos below for a full-size version. Many of these photos were taken before the shower was grouted. All the spaces and darker lines you see essentially disappeared after it was grouted.

If you need a tile installation contractor in Fort Collins, Colorado, or any part of Northern Colorado, just give us a call or use our contact form to discuss your project.

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