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Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash in Fort Collins

Glass tile kitchen backsplash in Northern ColoradoI’ve just finished a glass tile backsplash installation in Fort Collins. The glass is Arizona Tile’s ‘gray stack’ mosaic glass tile.

Glass tile can add a specific personal touch to any kitchen whether is is simply a row or two across a backsplash or a full glass backsplash such as this.

The homeowner wanted to brighten up the area below the upper cabinets which was fairly dark with just painted drywall and the darker cabinets. Adding the glass tile changed the entire look of the kitchen and tied everything together without changing the ‘feel’ of the kitchen.

If you plan on using glass tile for your kitchen backsplash you may want to consider the grout color when choosing your tile. To determine the best grout choice for glass tile I can work up a ‘sample board’ which is simply a board with tile attached to it in the same manner as your backsplash and grout portions of it with different colors. This is tremendously helpful and much more useful than simply holding a grout sample up to the tile.

For this particular tile I made a sample board with black, gray, and white grout. This resulted in three entirely unique looks for the installation. The white grout enhanced the grout lines and we felt it took away the impact of the tile itself in this kitchen. The white grout lines would have ended up as the focal point in a kitchen where everything else has fairly dark tones. The black grout lines just didn’t tie the different tones of tile together and looked nearly like it didn’t belong.

The homeowner chose the gray grout which matched the lighter colored tile in the mosaic. This tied all the different glass colors together and didn’t take anything away from the impact of the tile. The grout in the photos is still a bit dark and will lighten as it cures.

If you need a glass tile, or any type of tile backsplash installed in Fort Collins or any part of Northern Colorado just give us a call or fill out our contact form. Let us show you how we can give you the impact you want for your kitchen.

You may click on any of the photos for a full-size version.

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  • Rob Sprague January 31, 2010, 7:30 pm

    Another beautiful install! Looks great Roger! This type of tile is not easy to install.

    • Roger January 31, 2010, 7:31 pm

      Thanks Rob. It is a bit difficult but looks great when finished.

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