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Tile Installation Fort Collins, Colorado

If you are looking for tile installation in Fort Collins we invite you to browse through our site and see if Tile Art meets your needs. The rectangular tabs at the top of the page will assist you in viewing our various pages. When you’re ready give us a call or use our contact form to see what we can do for you.


At Tile Art we specialize in Bathroom and Kitchen remodels as well as new construction. With experience in most facets of home construction we are able to handle most phases of your remodel from start to finish. We take great pride in assisting you in bringing your vision to life.


We are up to date on all of the newest installation materials as well as tried and true methods. With the ability to build with several different methods we can assist you in choosing which would be best for your project as well as your budget. If you are building a shower, for instance, we can build it with the Schluter Kerdi system, which is our preferred method, a surface applied membrane such as Hydroban or Redgard, or a simple, properly constructed cement backerboard shower.


We realize it takes a lot to undergo a remodeling project and disrupt your home for extended periods. That doesn’t mean it has to totally disrupt your bank account. At Tile Art we try to keep our costs as low as possible and our customer satisfaction extremely high.

We work with several local tile distributors as well as specialty manufacturers and pass our contractor’s discount on to you. Any profit we make on our work is from exactly that – our work. We do not mark up any materials. Give us a call today and see how affordable your project can be.


At Tile Art we extend up to a five year warranty on all our work. Any problems with an improper installation will usually show up within the first two years, even less in a shower. We absolutely stand behind every one of our projects. The only way we can do this is to ensure it is properly installed – period.

If you need tile installation in Fort Collins, Colorado or any part of Northern Colorado please take a few minutes to browse through our website and see if our company would be a fit for your project. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you.